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Infographic: An analysis of 600,000 French reservations

You may have noticed that my previous articles have been shorter than usual…this is because I’ve been preparing a rather thorough report for you to read and reread during the summer: a detailed analysis of 600,000 reservations. Below you will find some excerpts from the infographic, along with my personal comments on the points which I find interesting or which…

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Is your Cardex helping you to save time?

Independent hoteliers often complain about not having enough time to accomplish certain tasks which they nevertheless consider to be very important for the future of their hotel. Indeed, between upgrading to comply with safety standards, classification, marketing, “special” guests, equipment and logistics problems in the hotel, accounting, human resources, appointments with suppliers, etc., it is simply and physically difficult and…

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Understanding Guest Experience and Loyalty

Delivering great guest experience leads to loyalty and while rewards systems, points and discounts can help they aren’t the natural way to build guest loyalty. At Experience Hotel we work with hundreds of hotels to help them with technology and tools to improve guest experience. We’ve worked with hotels for most of our professional lives and came to notice that…

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Shedding light on hotel Wi-Fi

My article on the different aspects that can leave guests dissatisfied triggered some lively responses. Many hotels called me to ask a variety of questions and to seek more information about Wi-Fi. The subject is worthy of a more in-depth look, or more precisely, deserves an article in its own right. What factor makes your Wi-Fi a valued, worthwhile tool –…

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