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GDPR: Quit Getting Scammed

Dear hoteliers, Sorry about the grouchy title! But I am so sick of hearing negative comments about the GDPR that certain so-called “professionals” pass off as the truth. I just got back from the WTM, where dozens of hoteliers told me they’ve ended their loyalty campaigns because they’re no longer allowed to email their own clients. Misinformation is keeping them…

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A CRM system for hotels? What does that mean, exactly?

Dear Hoteliers, When marketing CRM, I often bring the subject up with hoteliers. But most of the time they don’t really understand the concept. Why not? Because in the past, many companies have used the term incorrectly to describe systems that aren’t CRM, or are only a small part of a CRM system. A CRM system is not a mailing solution….

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