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[INTERVIEW] Airbnb buys HotelTonight!

Dear hoteliers, A few weeks ago, Airbnb confirmed its intention to buy the website. On average, 2 million visitors scour Airbnb every night looking to book accommodation… So, wanting to acquire a site specialised in last-minute hotel reservations was a no-brainer! It also clearly highlights Airbnb’s desire to play alongside and Expedia. I had the opportunity to interview…

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What if the Future of the Hospitality Industry is on Airbnb?

For the past two years, I’ve heard hoteliers complaining about Airbnb, calling it “unfair competition” and “a disaster for  the hotel industry”. But yesterday, for the first time, one of my hotelier friends brought up a pertinent question: What if the future of independent hotels is on Airbnb? Shocking, isn’t it! And yet it’s a legitimate thought. When I asked…

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