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Dear hoteliers,

I have recently launched a Master Class that has been seen by more than 600 hoteliers all over the world in less than 2 months. Due to the daily very good feedback I’m receiving, I’ve decided to share it here with you. If you would like to registrer, click here.

In this Master Class, I’m not going to propose to discuss the current context and the difficulties encountered in the hotel sector. It seems to me that everything has already been said. And I have no doubt that you’ve already studied the question of your business recovery and put in place the necessary measures in your establishments.

Instead, I suggest that you take advantage of this slow period to focus on the future and to train yourself on a key issue in our sector, via this Master Class:

How can you reduce your OTA commissions by 54% by working on it for 15 minutes a day?

Click here to register for the event.

Wondering why you pay so much commission fees to OTA? Tired of feeling like you have to pay, pay and pay again? You simply would like to reap the benefits of your work?

I’m not going to tell you about the usual standard topics, commonly covered by dozens and dozens of webinars: website, advertising, SEO, pricing strategy, etc.

In this Master Class, I’m going to explain how OTAs have managed to insidiously hijack your guest relationship and why this has ended up costing up to 54% more commission.

You will discover how to stop the bleeding IMMEDIATELY!

This Master Class composed of 158 slides, resulting from my research since 2014, provides you with the methodology to stop this vampirization of your own clients by OTAs. Take back control of your profits!

Whether you are a 2 to 5 star hotel, a camping site or a group of hotels, this Master Class is for you.

Register for free below and discover what I call :

“The submerged part of the OTA iceberg”.

Register here.


Tony Loeb started his career in Hotel marketing in 2001 as a webmaster, then quickly became the Technical Director of a web agency specialized in the hotel industry. Passionate about the tourism sector and attracted by the idea of taking on new challenges, Tony took over the management of a team of hotel consultants until 2014, when he decided to make hotel marketing his core business. In 2014, he co-founded the company Experience Hotel and is now responsible for its international development and deployment, improving tools for automating and optimizing customer relations, from booking to customer loyalty.

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    Nowadays hotel and tourism industry is affected by Covid 19 impact. How can manage and recover this situation?.

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