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Have you ever wondered how to reduce your OTA commissions? How to become Number one on TripAdvisor? Or how to make more benefit with your RMS?

Our Master Classes and Webinars aim at answering all these questions. Check it out!

[MASTER CLASS: PART 1] How to use OTAs’ budgets to increase your direct bookings?

Do you think OTAs are destroying you with astronomical commissions? What if the OTAs are actually your humble servants, marketing experts who spend millions to bring you direct bookings?

In this Master Class, we’re going to strike a blow against preconceived notions! I will give you several hotel aikido lessons and teach you how to use OTAs’ power to the benefit of your hotel.

[MASTER CLASS: PART 2] How can you reduce your OTA commissions by 54% by working on it for 15 minutes a day?

Wondering why you pay so much commission fees to OTA? Tired of feeling like you have to pay, pay and pay again? You simply would like to reap the benefits of your work?

This Master Class composed of 158 slides, resulting from my research since 2014, provides you with the methodology to stop this vampirization of your own clients by OTAs. Take back control of your profits!

[WEBINAR] How 4 Hotels became and stayed Number one on TripAdvisor

Adele Gutman, one of the Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds of “Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International” meets Charlene Troccaz from one of the Leaders in Hotel CRM & Marketing Software

Together they will explain to you how 4 Hotels Became and Stayed Number one on Tripadvisor and how to achieve this goal for your hotel!

[WEBINAR] 2 Million Unique Guest Profiles Analyzed for your Hotel

This research, based on nearly 2 million unique guest profiles, shows exclusive data that will completely revolutionize your current strategic vision. You’re about to discover our best Tips on promoting the right offers to each segment, adapting specific rates, choosing the best upsell strategy, and growing a defined target successfully.

In this exclusive Webinar, we’ll share 9 powerful analyzes that you can immediately implement to create greater guest loyalty and improve guest experience in your Hotel.

Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert, award-winning keynote speaker, will join us to share his insights on this research and his precious advice on customer engagement and creating customer loyalty.

[WEBINAR] 20 Ideas to Save Time and Increase Revenue in your Hotel

  • How can you save time and be more productive in your daily activity while preserving the unique relationship you have created over time with your guests?
  • What if artificial intelligence or an automation system could be the key to seeing the hotel industry evolve?

This new Webinar gives you 20 fundamental ways to increase your revenue while saving valuable time.

It’s time to demystify the subject of “Robots” in the hotel industry. Their miniature brains could be the source of a whole new way of working in your hotel!

[WEBINAR] Why CRM + RMS = 3x more ROI?

Have you ever wondered why some hoteliers are making so much more benefit than you with their RMS or their CRM? Is it because they use a better software than you? Is it because they use it in a better way than you? Is it because they spend more money than you do on their marketing strategy?

Yes, it could be the case! But there is also a major hidden factor that is much more important than any from the above:

They use a smart combination of different software!

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