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We are currently living in a time where supply outweighs demand. This phenomenon is particularly true in the hotel industry, where hundreds of suppliers are offering hundreds of free or chargeable services to present to your guests. Let’s sort through the hype, which can sometimes be overwhelming.

Today, we will be dealing with another aspect of the extensive topic of your supply chain: the services that you provide to the guests at your hotel.

Having had the opportunity to be one of the co-founders of the Experience project, I have been lucky enough to get access to thousands of data points that can be analyzed to support this overview.

Why aren’t your services being sold?

Ultimately, very few hoteliers have implemented an active sales strategy for chargeable services. When several hotel managers were asked about this, the responses that were provided can be summarized as follows:

  • “We started selling chargeable services via our booking engine, but they were almost never ordered.”
  • “Our front desk staff never sell them.”

Both these observations are true.

The first point can easily be explained: web users booking a plane ticket and a hotel probably have no desire to spend any more money at that time: they need time before they are receptive to buying any extras.

The second point is much too variable, because it relates to an aspect of the interpersonal experience. Front desk staff do need to be highly sales-focused, whether to sell extras or simply in order to adopt an outgoing persona for your guests.

There is also a third, hidden factor, the importance of which is sometimes underestimated: the list of services must match the kind of customers you attract (which, unfortunately, is not always the case). An entire sales strategy focused on “romance packages” and “romantic dinners” when 80% of your guests are corporate travelers will obviously not lead to many extra sales.

Top 10 chargeable services:

Top 10 free services:

In view of the competition from websites such as Air BnB, the world’s second-most visited travel website, it is vital that you strengthen your hotel’s offering with a number of free mini-services to be provided to your guests. Here are the services that are most frequently selected from an expanded list:


Make your product offering more dynamic, and make more of a difference!

As a hotelier, you have the ability to offer a range of services to attract customers, improving the overall quality of their stay. Don’t skimp on quantity!

Before Airbnb exploded on the market, a friend who owned a hotel told me “I make my revenue from selling my rooms, and everything else is included in the price. My guests pay a lot for their rooms but they have iPads, umbrellas, bikes, and so on at their disposal. Free of charge, they get everything they might need in a hotel.”

At the time, I was pleasantly taken aback by this philosophy. Today, this hotelier is almost immune from the crisis triggered by the growth of Airbnb and has barely been affected by recent events.


Tony Loeb started his career in Hotel marketing in 2001 as a webmaster, then quickly became the Technical Director of a web agency specialized in the hotel industry. Passionate about the tourism sector and attracted by the idea of taking on new challenges, Tony took over the management of a team of hotel consultants until 2014, when he decided to make hotel marketing his core business. In 2014, he co-founded the company Experience Hotel and is now responsible for its international development and deployment, improving tools for automating and optimizing customer relations, from booking to customer loyalty.

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